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The Reconnection
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About Mariel:
Professional Resume, Credentials & Meeting with Angels

Professional Resume and Credentials

Gifted from birth, I was able to 'see' information about you in images and colors of your aura. In 1976, I had a near death experience meeting with angels which strengthened my natural psychic abilities. Angels assigned me to return to live fully, share my experience and inspire you. I was encouraged to further my education as part of my career of service.

Counseling is a calling that came to me early in life, however, it has taken many years to increase my knowledge in finding practical tools for finding solutions. We'll look for short-cuts for you to achieve your goals.

Beginning with graduation from the University of Arizona, I completed eleven years of college. Training to be a psychic counselor includes extensive continuing education in:


  • meditation
  • relaxation techniques
  • pain management
  • personal empowerment
  • psycho-analysis
  • gestalt therapy
  • behaviorial sciences
  • personal communications
  • effective conflict resolution
  • emotional healing
  • inner voice dialog
  • forgiveness therapy
  • bioenergetics
  • The Enneagram
  • nutrition and supplements

With spiritual guidance being first and foremost, I add a scientific approach to finding answers to your challenges. It has taken over 25 years for me to perfect the advanced techniques I now offer you. Healing work comes through your energy centers to initiate positive changes. All healing comes from within you.

Training to become a healer began with my own personal journey. I dealt with years of chronic pain before finding relief. I gained advanced healing and energy renewal techniques. With compassion I pass it forward. Certification and studies include:

  • Meditation
  • Reconnective Healing
  • The Reconnection
  • Quantum Touch
  • Reiki
  • Touch for Health
  • Arc Healing
  • massage
  • aura and charka clearing
  • energy centers and healing
  • physical anatomy
  • cranial-sacral therapy
  • emotional healing

During 25 years of service, I have happily been featured as a keynote speaker at Universities, and interviewed for radio shows and printed publications. I welcome future speaking engagements and am joyful to be able to inspire you through counseling, healing, and writing. For anyone of you whose life I've touched, I feel honored to have inspired you in the process. Click testimonials for insightful sharing from clients.

Meeting with Angels:
My own near death experience and personal journey to the Angel School

My near death experience happened in 1976 following an accident. I have a foggy memory of being rushed semi-conscious, to the hospital. I first remember leaving my physical body and floating to the ceiling. Initially, I was looking down on my own physical body! I felt stuck to the ceiling while I watched my body below and saw the heart monitor flat line. Interns and doctors worked frantically to save me. I heard the first doctor in room say, "I think we lost her." Frantically, I was wheeled me into surgery where I observed them operating on me until I was suddenly transported to the 'other side'.

Upon arrival in the 'other side', I was greeted by two radiant Angels. The radiant light and peace they emanated is hard to describe. During this meeting with Angels, I saw and was drawn to the tunnel of light, and experienced angelic bliss.

The angels and I had a long dialog about life. The dialog culminated in them assigning me to return to live my life fully, care for others, and be of service by relaying inspiring messages. I did not want to return! I argued with them not to be returned. I did not look forward to returning to my damaged physical body and the sad state of affairs that awaited me there.

Despite my pleading to stay with them on this heavenly plane, my request was denied. The two Angels insisted that I return to complete my life mission and they physically prevented me from entering the tunnel of light that I was drawn to. They explained it was not part of the Divine Plan that I agreed to before I was born. They repeated, "Your time isn't up yet." I cried out, "No! I won't go!" They added that I was needed.

I looked in horror at returning to what I saw of my existence on earth. I did not know what they one Angel meant when she explained, "Someone in my family will be going before you and it would be too great a burden for my mother to bear if she lost both of you." The Angels assured me, however, that they would always be with me and that this was only the beginning of the higher learning I would be receiving. The Angels gave me the mission of being a messenger by relaying information to inspire others. They also asked me share my experience on the other side and in the ongoing Angel classroom. It has taken me awhile to do so. Unfortunately, the Angel accurately predicted the sudden passing away of my brother at the early age of 34 and the devastation and despair this caused my mother. It was 10 years before this prophecy was fulfilled.

On earth, the painful part of learning came enduring intense physical pain and my own emotional despair. I felt alone and abandoned. I missed the angelic bliss. For years, I received medical treatments and alternative therapies to bring about healing. There were many times when it appeared that no relief would be forthcoming. In my quest, I became knowledgeable on more procedures and prescriptions than I care to list here. I also started a spiritual quest in search of answers to explain what I was experiencing.

The Angels kept their promise in granting me higher learning and keeping in touch. I feel privileged, and humbled, that out of such a traumatic experience would come this blessing. I hear Angels talking and can see them in their radiance. In the evening, I was transported to the Angel's classroom in place of regular sleep time. This take place for a number of years. The time would just fly by. Other souls were there too - about 12 or so. I do not know their names. I just remember we are all together learned and we were all different ages. Sometimes we were seated in a regular-looking classroom with desks and a black board, other times we were miraculously transported on field trips where we flew on our own power to witness events and phenomena that was happening below on the earthly plane. I say "below" because we were always far above was happening. On one such field trip, I remember seeing a train wreck and watching souls fly up to our side.

The teacher-angels taught principles and rules they abide by and recommend for all of mankind. I have been doing my best to share what I learned in the Angel School without revealing how this learning came about. I am not bashful when it comes to sharing; its just that sometimes I am not sure how to communicate higher truths and learning in the way it deserves to be communicated. Just like taking any class, I don't remember everything fully. Later, bits and pieces come back to me and I grasp a fuller meaning of the teachings at that time. As a student, I am still new at applying it myself. It has taken me courage to step forward. My communication in relaying this experience, not the experience itself, sometimes falls short in describing the beauty and the wonder of life.




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