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Healing & Renewal: Healing for the Best of your Life

My healing work currently focuses on awakening the source of renewal within you. Twenty-two years of healing experience lead me to being trained in The Reconnection by Dr. Eric Pearl. I have found this to be the most gently yet profound process. Effectively, The Reconnection even enhances all other positive medical treatments and healing modalities. It is unique in the way healing unfolds. Starting first with removing obstacles, I bring healing through your energy centers on all levels:
emotional - mental - physical - spiritual.

All healing comes from within you. This can miraculously happen quickly or unfold gradually. Most serious conditions require more than one treatment for full results.

Healing is an agreement where you and I form a partnership to work at uniting you with your highest source of renewal. Healing comes as a result of the agreement between you and me. Rest assured the changes are noticeable. You will feel physical sensation in your body when I activate healing. Most patients have reported feeling deeply relaxed while lying fully clothed on my therapy table. No hands-on touch is exchanged.

There are no guarantees, however, as to what your benefits will be. Again, results can happen immediately or unfold gradually over time. I recommend more than one treatment for chronic. Results, and time required, are as individual as you are.With compassion, I appreciate that life has challenges. Injury and illness happen. Don't give up! Every day miracles can happen when you least expect it. Prior to receiving The Reconnection, I believe teachers showed up to help me with my own health challenges so that I could 'pass it forward'. Making the world a better place, and helping loved ones always begins with taking care of yourself.

Disease and imbalance manifest physical symptoms but are not purely physical in origin. Therefore, it takes more than treatment of the symptoms for total healing to occur. Support counseling is available for healing of emotions and past trauma.

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