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Learning Lessons™: A Mentoring Program

Learning Lessons™, is a one-on-one mentoring system of coaching in which I work with doctors, nurses, licensed therapist, and all healing practitioners to bring in higher learning and advanced techniques for use in your own practice. It is my goal to provide a broad base of knowledge on alternative therapies for complimenting traditional medicine and supporting each of you in your quest for wellness. If you are a health care provider your need for support in keeping up your energy to support others is even more crucial. Frequently, I begin working with you to improve the quality of sleep you need. My broad spectrum of knowledge has resulted in my working with medical doctors, chiropractic physicians, and in naturopathic clinics from Arizona to Alaska.

My scientific approach is holistic, and down to earth. My goal is always to provide inspiration and practical tools to help you find greater health and happiness that can be applied in your practice. With over 25 years of service, I am joyful to be able to inspire you through counseling, healing, writing, and public speaking. I am happy to be a keynote speaker at your university, medical schools or any organization dedicated to providing higher learning... Again, thank you. Click testimonials for insightful sharing.

Mariel Martin
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