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Psychic Palm Reading for Special Occasions & Events

At an early age, a world-renown teacher and author, U.S. Andersen, approached me and asked to read my palms. During the reading of my palms Ulie saw everything about me! He encouraged me to study palmistry and to use my natural psychic gifts. He said he traveled a long way to tell me this and refused any compensation or thanks. That is how I was introduced to palm reading in 1970. I have since studied palmistry a great deal.

Later. In 1976, I had my near death experience where the angels assigned me to use my gifts to inspire others and be of service. Palm Reading is used as a valuable tool in my "psychic tool box". I look at where you began and where you are going; reading the lines on your hand like a road map of your life. As a natural-born psychic, I am also able to 'see' and 'hear' information to relay to you during your palm reading. I am clairvoyant and clairaudient and have given many accurate future predictions. Therefore, the reading you receive is a channeled palm reading and not like anything you'll find in a book. In private sessions we will look at your whole life including your soul agenda. Mini readings are done to entertain and inspire your guests and are filled with humor.

For over 25 years, it is my joy to share this with you to bring you insight for greater happiness. Palm readings are for all ages. I do them to inspire you. I love children and enjoy encouraging your little ones by highlighting their gifts and talents. Children are very curious and receive a positive learning experience while having fun. I am glad to travel to your location for parties, conferences or celebrations by special arrangement. I warmly welcome you. Please call for an appointment.

Mariel Martin
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