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Personal Counseling

Dear Visitor and Returning Clients,
All counseling includes psychic insight to inspire you. You will receive practical tools for everyday living. You will gain a renewed sense of who you are invited to speak your personal truth. Ongoing support is offered in the time you have scheduled.

We will focus on areas of interest to you in the time allotted. Together, we can look at future trends, your place in the world, how to work with what you are given, your own talents for achieving your dreams.

Valuable insight includes:

  • Insight to inspire you with appreciation for who you are.

  • Counseling to explore your options and find new opportunities.

  • Information to better prepare you for dealing with your current situations.

  • Information that will you to move forward and achieve your heart's desire.

  • New tools for problem solving that lead to making choices that make sense.

  • Guidance for improving your self esteem and confidence to create better outcomes.

  • Higher Learning for personal growth and spiritual advancement.

  • Healing and awakening the source of renewal within you for reaching your true potential in ways you never knew before. Healing happens on all levels: emotional-mental-physical-spiritual and effectively paves the way for clearing blockages.

    Counseling by phone is available for ongoing support on an as-need basis.

    During initial meeting and ongoing sessions you receive support in dealing with:

    • emotional healing
    • childhood issues
    • current and past relationships
    • new opportunities for romance
    • child and parent communication
    • career choices and finances
    • conflict resolution at work or home
    • negative energy and psychic attack
    • low self esteem and depression
    • insomnia and chronic conditions
    • life-threatening health challenges
    • personal and spiritual growth

Mariel Martin McVale
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