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"All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming." -Helen Keller-

...What Clients Wish to Share

At invite2insight.com clients and patients share their experiences. Here you find inspiration, hope and a source for renewal. The theme woven throughout these heart felt messages is one of being uplifted.

Part I are letters sharing experiences gained from Psychic Counseling, Life Readings and Palm Reading.

Part II are letters sharing experiences that occurred during non-hands on Healing sessions. Healing often includes working together to clear past trauma or energy blockages, balancing energy centers (chakras) to increase the flow of life, strengthening sources from within for ongoing renewal, bringing in a higher frequency with The Reconnection that facilitates reaching your full potential.

Due to the personal nature of this work, and to honor client confidentiality, use of full names and credentials is left to each client's discretion. These experiences are generously shared by clients who would like to help you improve your life and health. We inspire each other to receive what we need.

Please scroll to that which interests you - counseling or healing or renewal. Thank you for being here.

Part 1: Psychic Counseling

To Anyone Wanting Insight,
I have brought several of my friends to Mariel, and I was surprised at how different each reading was when my friends shared the tapes of their sessions. Mariel truly taps into the "soul purpose" of each person. For my own reading, her words entered my heart and gave me deep insights about myself and my journey on this path. It's been months since my reading, but nearly every day I am still reflecting on things she said that inspire me.

Janea Dahl
Co-author of the Har-Money Cards

To Visitors,
A friend gave me a reading for my birthday. It was just what I needed. Mariel is filled with wisdom, truth and light. The minute Mariel began; I felt an incredible energy rise up within me. It was a profound experience.

Steven Carter
Business Owner

You are very good. I am impressed with what you were able to see. You confirmed many things for me and added a few surprises as well. I am glad I found you in the golden pages of the phone book while I am visiting from Ireland.

Delaney Lacey
Software Engineer

To Whom it May Concern,
I worked with Mariel during a very long, dark and difficult time in my life. Her counsel, based on her intuitive abilities, was like a string of lights guiding me. Many times the things she told me gave me reassurance of what I already knew inside myself, but hadn't fully trusted. This validation was very important during my days of feeling lost and wandering through clouds of confusion. We met her originally through her palm reading, but soon discovered her other abilities as a psychic.


For Everyone,
Insightful and intuitive, Mariel comes to you with profound psychic gifts and healing hands. Cherish her work.

Retired Entrepreneur

To Those on a Quest for Knowledge,
As a board certified clinical health psychologist with training in the conduct of both science and clinical practice, I have carried a strong appreciation for aspects of the world that science has, until recently, been incapable of addressing…. Science is a socially constructed tool that helps us to understand certain aspects of the world, but not others such as "Is there a God?" "Do you feel love for your child?" and "Do we each have a spirit?" Throughout my academic training and into my professional career, I have always maintained a strong appreciation for the possibility that there is much more to the universe than we are privy to given our ordinary senses.

My point in presenting this information is that I come to the subject of psychic readings and reconnective healing with a personal history grounded in empiricism and science, while also carrying an appreciation for their philosophical and practical limitations. Using this background when assessing my own experience undergoing a psychic reading and reconnective healing session with Mariel Martin will, hopefully, add to credibility to of my report on such matters.

I had obtained two prior psychic readings from two separate individuals, one in 1985 and the other in 2003. Upon meeting with Mariel in February 2004, I immediately felt a sense of confidence in her. She exuded qualities of professionalism, self-confidence, coupled with humility and compassion. A great combination given that I was seeking spiritual input and guidance regarding a few specific issues.

Her reading was an amazing experience for me. It also turned out to be somewhat unusual for her as well. She tuned into the issues I brought to her and provided information and feedback that was remarkably on-target and helpful. …Upon sorting things out, information emerged that had direct implications for my life's mission and that also identified certain qualities of my spiritual helpers. This type of "big-picture" information had never come through in my prior readings…The information has turned out to be just as present and just as relevant then as now. Mariel was able to relate specific books and films that were being "assigned" to me by my Guides. To me both her broad based and her finely-tuned messages show a high degree of sensitivity and capacity for conveying insight. I truly feel that her intervention has cleared the path and opened up channels to my spiritual guides.

As I told Mariel in our last meeting, "I will remember this day for the rest of my life."

Allan Chino, Ph.D., ABPP
Board Certified, Clinical Health Psychologist
Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Medicine OHSU
Co-Author, Validate Your Pain!

Following our session I certainly felt joy that I hadn't been able to feel since I was diagnosed with Lupus. My husband even noticed that I was happier than I'd been in a long time. At first, I hesitated to come to you for a reading and now I've been back twice. I know there is a lot you can teach me. I am sure I will be back again.


Just like you predicted - I met the woman I love! I am sure this is the woman I want to spend my life with. So, of course, we returned when were making plans on being together. You are the only one I trust.

April V.
Retail Manager

To Everyone,
Mariel has an uncanny ability to predict the future!

K. Suid
Career Counselor

How do you see all those things? Clearly, you have an unfair advantage.

Ph.d. Biochemist
Senior Investigator
DNA Research

When my wife told me we were going to see a psychic, I thought you would be 'phoney-baloney' but you were right on!

Douglas Woods
Construction Worker
Sun Quest Construction

I always look forward to your palm reading at our conferences! Everyone loves it. You have given us so many happy times. We'll schedule you again.

Barbra Jacobsen
Executive Assistant

To Everyone,
I don't know how she does what she does. I just know she has helped me in so many ways. She has awesome psychic abilities! At first she was my business consultant and now we've worked on so many things. I am a widow and she even brought back a message from my deceased husband that she would have no way of knowing. She got me through some really tough times.

Business Owner

To Anyone Needing Guidance,
I came to Mariel on the recommendation of a friend. I was feeling so much heartache and really in a quandary about what to do about it. I appreciate the insight she was able to provide in helping me make a move. I happily recommended her to a friend in L.A.

Hank P.
Customer Service Representative

I want to thank you for the other night. It was wonderful to meet you and I feel that you definitely helped me to understand myself better. My friend and I are both interested in continuing to meet with you….We will be in touch and thank you again for a wonderful time!

Nicole B.
University Student
Portland State University
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Part II: Healing and The Reconnection

....What Clients Wish to Share

To Anyone Seeking Renewal or a Healing Experience,
My second visit with Mariel focused on Reconnective Healing. It was just very, very peaceful and relaxed. In the two weeks since I have experienced some amazing things that I cannot attribute to such anomalies as the placebo effect. Simply put, I have been making important connections left and right. One thought or idea relates to another, often in a manner that I would never have expected. A number of seeming "coincidences" have also occurred….old information is connecting with new information in a way that gives birth to innovative ideas….I returned for The Reconnection.

As I told Mariel in our last meeting, "I will remember this day for the rest of my life."

Allan Chino, Ph.D.,ABPP
Board Certified, Clinical Health Psychologist
Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Medicine OHSU
Co-Author, Validate Your Pain!

To Everyone Seeking Health Improvements,
We all have different experiences when receiving energy healing. As a Doctor and graduate of Dr. Pearl's courses on The Reconnection and Reconnection Healing, I have exchanged Reconnective Healing with several healing practitioners and had the opportunity to make comparisons.

I found Mariel Martin's techniques to be advanced and very effective. My energy level was the highest ever experienced when Mariel transmitted Reconnective Healing to me. It was a real special feeling which included a burst of light, a personal spiritual experience, and on a physical level I was so relaxed I even slept through part of the therapy and awoke totally refreshed.

I will be leaving Oregon to relocate and open a clinic in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is with great confidence that I refer all of you to Mariel Martin for healings and other services she offers. Since 1981, she has been specializing in energy renewal and I am confident you will find the therapy she gives very beneficial.

Dr. Roy Solomon
Holistic Education and Wellness Center

Dear Mariel,
I was diagnosed with MS in December of 1995. Eight years later, in 2003, my symptoms were as follows: cloudy things, sporadic incoherent speech patterns, decrease in balance and energy, lack of feeling throughout my entire body, lack of sexual pleasure and spots in my vision. I was taking medication for spasticity in my feet and legs and for hyper sensitivity (burning pain) in my midsection and legs.

After my first Reconnective Healing session, my thinking and speech patterns cleared and my energy level increased. After The Reconnection, my legs felt so light that walking was easy. My balance was amazingly better. My body felt so much stronger. I stopped my medications. I had no more burning sensations or pain in my legs and feet. My massage therapist was astounded at how much better my feet were since they had been a big problem.

I still have spots in my vision, but my sense of touch has consistently improved as have my feeling of sexual pleasure. My day's activities are no longer constrained by how I feel and my energy level is now normal.

During my sessions, it was common to feel warmth in my forehead, then in my extremities as energy flowed through the lower portion of my legs and thighs. I could feel a build up of energy in my feet before it surged up in my legs. For the first couple of healings, energy flow would be blocked at my knees.

During my second session, I noticed a great deal more energy being pulled up through my chest area. It felt wonderful! By my third session, my arms would feel so light that they would lift from the table; my left arm lifted sooner and higher than my right with no muscle strain at all. It felt like my arms were being cradled. I felt tremendous amount of energy trying to punch through to the top of my head, which felt like it was expanding up like a bubble in hot mud. There were times it felt like I was being touched in a specific area like my thumb or forehead. My ears and top third of my head would get warm and there would be a sensation.

I also had visions during the first of the two sessions of The Reconnection. I saw my Mother who had passed away in 1990 and my Father who died in 1978. They were with me during the session. No words were spoken but it was very comforting.

This was an amazing experience and I'm very grateful. My quality of life is close to normal and continues to improve (something that medical science could not do for me). I want everyone to know that if they are even considering receiving Reconnection Healing and The Reconnection, they should do it. Feel free to share my experience by sharing this letter.

Sandy Swayze
Oasis Life Sciences

Update from Sandy Swayze:
Wanting to be totally healed of MS, I received two additional healing sessions in 2005 following The Reconnection I received almost 3 years prior. My health keeps improving. For me the MS symptoms no longer exist! My feet are ticklish again. Physical feeling and pleasure have come back into my life. My energy level is high and my cognitive abilities of thinking quickly are back. I also maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes diet, nutritional products and keeping in touch with my feelings. I had a MRI one year after The Reconnection and it showed that the lesions were healing rapidly. My Neurologist has been amazed and greatly pleased.

Sandy Swayze

Dear Mariel,
By nature I am a practical, analytical guy. I mostly do traditional medicine when I ache, but have also received massage and chiropractic care.

Months ago we were talking on the phone. That night I told you that I had just smashed my thumb with a hammer and that it was throbbing and swollen. You asked if I would like to receive some healing energy. I skeptically agreed. As you will recall, we were on the phone perhaps ten minutes while you "sent" what you described as reconnective healing energy to me over the phone. The next morning when I woke up I was amazed to see that my thumb was all better! I just had to write to you.

As a woodworker I have smashed my thumb before. This time I did not experience the usual painful swelling; my thumb turning purple and it taking 2 or 3 weeks for my injury to heal. Recovery while sleeping made me a believer. I woke up the next morning and it was like it never happened!

Weeks later I came to you, on purpose this time, for The Reconnection. This time I had a deep gash on my hand - a deep 2 inch cut - from woodworking. Again, I was quite surprised by the phenomenal speed with which my hand healed after our session together. The pain abated over night, and more remarkable to me was the inner healing that took place within 24 hours of my Reconnection. It was as if the wound healed from the inside in advance of the protective scabbing that occurred on the outside.

I cannot rationally explain why your healing session caused me to experience an infusion of light coming into my eyes, the physical heat I felt, and rapid healing. Were I to give my small business clients referrals, I would normally give them logical, testable reasons for seeking assistance. The same is true of friends seeking medical or counseling referrals. In this case I invite skeptics (like I was) to experience (and expect) healing results from you, and leave the explanations aside. I will gladly refer people to you.

Don King
Business Consultant

Hi Mariel,
I wanted to write and give my testimony to encourage others to do The Reconnection.

First, I wanted to revisit where I was when I first saw you: frightened, stressed out, suffering from double vision brought on by stressful situations and acute thyroiditis. After my first healing, which was quite dramatic, I felt much calmer. With the changes that took place I felt relieved and assured that my condition was not permanent.

The healing itself worked to clear some deeply rooted - negative "hangers-on" energy - that had been dragging me down emotionally, probably since my adolescence. After each of the three subsequent healings, I felt lighter and lighter. Following my healing sessions with you, I also became involved with acupuncture with marvelous results. During this time I also continued to receive traditional Western medical help. I learned it all works together for the good.

The Reconnection after my first week was a little puzzling at times in that I had visions of yucky "things" rising to the surface of my skin and then evaporating and floating away. This process didn't feel very good, but I knew it was necessary for total healing. I trusted the process, my body, and of course God, to put me back in balance.

I now feel really good - about 3 weeks after receiving The Reconnection. Even my skin is really clear and radiant (I have suffered from skin problems my whole life it seems). My energy is good, my concentration is clear and I am able to say I am back to feeling like me again - not the tired, depressed me of the recent past - but rather the vibrant, hopeful, beautiful, loving me with energy and the knowledge that a healthy, loving and purposeful life is ahead of me.

Thank you, Mariel, for all you have done for me and I would recommend you to any and all of my friends and acquaintances. It was the best money I ever spent!

Aimee B.
Marketing Manager

Dear Mariel,
I am writing to thank you for your help when I visited you for spiritual counseling and healing sessions. A month ago I was in a situation where I used some skills you taught me from previous counseling session and they helped me greatly.

However, I was still experiencing repeated negative thoughts, which were depressing me and preventing me from thinking clearly. I had constant headaches and uncomfortable pressure on my head. Although I did not mention these symptoms, you located exactly where I was feeling pressure and pain and suggested a healing session.

The healing session was very pleasant and relaxing but my main purpose in writing this letter is to thank you for the amazing results. In the evening after the session the pressure had noticeably subsided and a few days later it had gone completely. Most important of all was that I immediately felt emotionally lighter and back to my usual self! I now have more energy and feel in control of my thought process. I do believe that I feel this way as a result of your healing. It was totally uplifting! Following the healing sessions, I look forward to receiving The Reconnection and value your advice in the counseling sessions.

Thank you for the work that you do.

TA Meadows
Mother and Homemaker

Dearest Mariel,
I wanted to let you know about the healing of my neck and lower back during our recent Reconnection session. This was not a "healing session" per se, but rather The Reconnection. I have experienced great problems with my neck and lower back ever since I was 15 years old due to an injury. Since The Reconnection, my neck and back have given me little, if any, pain or aggravation. Even when they do start to "act up" it is brief and does not need to be treated with any kind of medication or physical adjustment. It is, as if, in the instant that I am aware that something may be going on with either of those two areas of my body that the Reconnection healing energy arrives to adjust whatever needs adjusting. It is truly a blessing!

The other item that I would like to address is this: I am an intuitive and I do readings for people who are in need of clarity and direction in their lives. Once I had gone through the process of The Reconnection with you, I became aware that I would be much more effective in my work with people if I gently asked the energy to simply be present at the time I was conveying information. I want to add that there was no laying on of hands, no formal energy work, and no mention of healing to my clients what so ever. By simply allowing the reconnective healing energy to come through me, people seem to relax much more quickly during the reading and I have even had comments saying how nice it "feels" in the room we are sitting in! I just ask the energy to be present and allow for it to manifest in whatever healing might be needed….The Reconnection is like adding that missing ingredient into a recipe….it always tasted just fine, but add this extra ingredient and the results are amazing!

Recently, one woman that I had a reading session with was quite ill and had been chronically ill with leg and hip problems for years. There had been no cure and no relief for her. I received a call from her daughter a few weeks later asking me what I "did" to her Mother. I told her that I had done a reading for her and that was all. She went on to tell me that her Mother had a whole new outlook on life; that she was doing things she had not done in years; and that overall she was feeling a great deal better since that reading. Understand that she did not come to me for a healing, but for a reading. …This is an indication to me that this energy can be used in a very subtle fashion while having very powerful results!

The work you do is wonderful and has helped me personally, as well as facilitated the work I do with others. Thank you so very much. Be well. Blessings to you!

Intuitive Guide

Thank you for the terrific work you did repairing and cleansing my aura. The negativity that kept throwing me around a lot seems gone - magic! I really feel terrific….. Thanks again, its great working with you."

Kate I.
Licensed Massage Therapist

Your knowledge of healing far exceeds anyone I've ever met. Without knowing anything about me, you worked on my head to clear my energy field. You informed me that you intuitively knew my wisdom tooth needed to be pulled. This was amazing because you knew it before the Dentist did and I just got examined!

During your healing work it felt like a bubble inside my head burst and cleared out all my pain. Whatever you did it works! My head pain is gone and my jaw feels great. Thank you! Later I did have that wisdom tooth extracted - just as you recommended - because when I went back to the Dentist with the information you gave me she agreed with your recommendation and pulled the tooth.

David Recht
Crystal Temple

To Everyone,
I came to know Mariel Martin in the summer of 2004 and she successfully extracted a lost soul entity that had attached to me and taken over my body physically. For one thing, my face was being contorted in ways that can't be explained. She did an aura clearing and deposession. After the extraction, which was followed by a session of Reconnective Healing, I had so much energy it was almost unbelievable!

Soon after, I chose to have The Reconnection done by Mariel. The two day process was life changing. The energy was so full of light and love. I will never forget my experience with Mariel. When these new healing frequencies flow through her, they are so strong and smooth, as if you are being wrapped in a blanket of love. She has such a true and real gift and I will always be grateful for her help and the knowledge she shares. She has set me on my path.

Amazing things have happened to me and things keep on coming. I love receiving the light and information that she helps bring to this planet. I am forwarding a photo that was taken of me the day after I completed The Reconnection. This was taken with a regular camera and there was no reflective surface or water that would cause this 'light' that appeared!

April Moro
State of Oregon
Public Service Representative


Dear Clients and Visitors:
You are invited to share your healing experience by emailing me at Mariel@invite2insight.com. Client confidentiality is always honored. You decide if want to provide your full identity due to the personal nature of your experience. Thanks for sharing.



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