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Portland Psychic: Mariel Martin

"Sharing what I 'see' is my Gift to you. Seeing you at peace is your gift to me."

Psychic - Medium - Palmist - Intuitive Healer - Counselor - Author - Workshop Teacher
A warm welcome to you. Every session is filled with healing for your soul and guidance
for receiving answers that lead to making better choices in your life path.

Love - relationships - career - money - family - your children - health - happiness - your life path - personal choices - opening and developing your unique talents are important and all areas for which you receive guidance from Mariel. Mariel offers many services designed to help you.

No one does Palm Reading or Psychic Reading the way Mariel does! To date Mariel has touched over 8,000 people's lives, worldwide, with Palm Reading! Since a near death experience in 1976, she is inspired by Angels to be a a messenger with insight. Clairvoyant, University educated, and a Healer - her unique way of inspiring you has to be experienced. Call her.

Awarded the "Most Trusted Psychic" award by KGW-TV, and 'Best Psychic of Beaverton' 3 years in a row, she will be glad to talk with you, personally, before your session. Call to receive a personal session, inspiration for a group gathering, or an Event. Choose in person, by phone, or via webcam.

Insight comes through Mariel's abilities and spiritual guidance as a Medium from far beyond. Together, we can find ways to create a better life for you and your loved ones.

You receive compassionate wisdom to create greater understanding with your loved ones, even how to improve work relationships, and how to have more of what you want in every day life. Practical and spiritual, Mariel delivers insight for helping you make the right choices with the information provided. There are more testimonials that there is time available to post them! Her focus is on you.

Receive what you need when you need it. As a University educated Counselor, and Psychic Medium, she has been featured on many national TV shows and radio. With over 25 year's experience, she shares tools you can use that will empower you daily. In 2014 she is celebrated for her 17 years of service as Psychic In portland and Beaverton, Oregon and as the Founder of Heartwings School of Spiritual Studies. Students enrolled in Heartwings are now being Mentored to become Healers and Teachers themselves. Call today for an appointment or class enrollment. Affordable sessions are available for $60. More in depth counseling and training are also made available to you.

"Mariel is way more gifted than Psychic Sylvia Brown that I paid $800 to see on a cruise. Accurate and generous with the amount of information she gives, I was amazed at all that Mariel was able to see with palm reading and her clairvoyance. Go see her!"
Linda Nelson, Office Manager, Lake Oswego, Oregon

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Mariel Martin
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